Block Styling

Within Editor, some block types are given default CSS styles to limit the amount of basic configuration required to get engineers up and running with custom editors.

By defining a blockStyleFn prop function for an Editor, it is possible to specify classes that should be applied to blocks at render time.


The Draft library includes default block CSS styles within DraftStyleDefault.css. (Note that the annotations on the CSS class names are artifacts of Facebook's internal CSS module management system.)

These CSS rules are largely devoted to providing default styles for list items, without which callers would be responsible for managing their own default list styles.


The blockStyleFn prop on Editor allows you to define CSS classes to style blocks at render time. For instance, you may wish to style 'blockquote' type blocks with fancy italic text.

function myBlockStyleFn(contentBlock) {
const type = contentBlock.getType();
if (type === 'blockquote') {
return 'superFancyBlockquote';
// Then...
import {Editor} from 'draft-js';
class EditorWithFancyBlockquotes extends React.Component {
render() {
return <Editor ... blockStyleFn={myBlockStyleFn} />;

Then, in your own CSS:

.superFancyBlockquote {
color: #999;
font-family: 'Hoefler Text', Georgia, serif;
font-style: italic;
text-align: center;
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