CharacterMetadata is an Immutable Record that represents inline style and entity information for a single character.

CharacterMetadata objects are aggressively pooled and shared. If two characters have the same inline style and entity, they are represented with the same CharacterMetadata object. We therefore need only as many objects as combinations of utilized inline style sets with entity keys, keeping our memory footprint small even as the contents grow in size and complexity.

To that end, you should create or apply changes to CharacterMetadata objects via the provided set of static methods, which will ensure that pooling is utilized.

Most Draft use cases are unlikely to use these static methods, since most common edit operations are already implemented and available via utility modules. The getter methods, however, may come in handy at render time.

See the API reference on ContentBlock for information on how CharacterMetadata is used within ContentBlock.


Static Methods


Static Methods

Under the hood, these methods will utilize pooling to return a matching object, or return a new object if none exists.


static create(config?: CharacterMetadataConfig): CharacterMetadata

Generates a CharacterMetadata object from the provided configuration. This function should be used in lieu of a constructor.

The configuration will be used to check whether a pooled match for this configuration already exists. If so, the pooled object will be returned. Otherwise, a new CharacterMetadata will be pooled for this configuration, and returned.


static applyStyle(
record: CharacterMetadata,
style: string
): CharacterMetadata

Apply an inline style to this CharacterMetadata.


static removeStyle(
record: CharacterMetadata,
style: string
): CharacterMetadata

Remove an inline style from this CharacterMetadata.


static applyEntity(
record: CharacterMetadata,
entityKey: ?string
): CharacterMetadata

Apply an entity key -- or provide null to remove an entity key -- on this CharacterMetadata.



getStyle(): DraftInlineStyle

Returns the DraftInlineStyle for this character, an OrderedSet of strings that represents the inline style to apply for the character at render time.


hasStyle(style: string): boolean

Returns whether this character has the specified style.


getEntity(): ?string

Returns the entity key (if any) for this character, as mapped to the global set of entities tracked by the Entity module.

By tracking a string key here, we can keep the corresponding metadata separate from the character representation.

If null, no entity is applied for this character.

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